Competitions in July

There are still plenty of spaces left for DNAA county champs on 15/16 July 2017. Rounds are WRS WA1440 and Metrics on Saturday and UKRS York/Herford and Bristols on Sunday. There are also plenty of spaces left for the Grand Nothern Archery Meeting on 29/30 July. Both days are UKRS York and Hereford

DNAA County Champs

We seem to have some trophies for the DNAA County Champs that have not been returned to the Tournament Organisers for some years. If anyone knows the whereabouts of these trophies can you please contact The missing trophies are:- Junior Ladies Recurve; Junior Ladies Compound; Junior Gent Compound; Junior Ladies Barebow; Thank you. Sharon

DNAA Development Programme

DNAA Development Programme The County is running a 3-year development programme for Olympic recurve and compound bows. The first year of the programme is composed of 4 full day sessions as part of the development squad, the second year is composed of 3 half day sessions for the previous year’s development squad who have completed

Elite Squad

Elite Squad The County would like to invite applications for inclusion in the counties development programme for Olympic recurve and compound bows. Places are limited to a maximum of 12 archers therefore applicants must have achieved a minimum of bowman in the 2017 season and must commit to attend all of the 3 half day

National County Team Championships 2017

The Team for the National County Team Championships 2017 has been made.  Score submission has been thin on the ground for this event, however in order to provide a full complement of teams for both genders the Committee have followed Appendix F of the DNAA constitution and co-opted members to complete the teams. The teams are

Event Updates

Gosforth Arrows Tournament 2nd July has been Cancelled Carpathia shoot on 8 and 9 July has been postponed, plan to shoot in september Heugh Amalgamation Results- Here

Executive Summary Page

A new page has been added to the website- Executive Summary, this will have all the information from the previous County meetings Exec Summary

Club Structures workshop

Please be aware bookings for the Club Structures workshop next Wednesday will close on Monday 5th June.  Only delegates who have booked via the online system will be able to attend; to reserve a FREE space please follow the link below;

Pentangle update

The tournament committee who are organising the Pentangle this year, would like to offer an  apology for the lack of communication, by offering free spaces in the Pentangle portion of the Penniecuik Challenge to any DNAA Archer wishing to participate. The DNAA Committee would like archers to be able to take advantage of this offer.