Affiliations 2018/19

AGB are expecting all re-affiliations to be completed on line at the Sport 80 website. This should be a simple process which generates an invoice in the same way as making a purchase from an online shop such as Amazon (other brands are available).

Once that has been done NCAS and DNAA fees are collected separately.

Step 1

Complete this DNAA form, and email it with a copy of the form generated by Sport 80 (AGB) to the membership secretary at ( and copied to the treasurer at .

Step 2

A cheque for the amount calculated by the spreadsheet should be sent to the DNAA Membership Secretary Mr George McMillan, 11, Falcon Road, Hartlepool, TS26 0SX, along with a printed copy of the form (spreadsheet) so the payment may be cross referenced to the email in step 1.

If you enter the relevant numbers in the spreadsheet, it will calculate
the correct total of the affiliation cheque.

I have also attached a completed example form to further assist you. Any
issues give me a call on 01912872073,

Charlie Hall

Treasurer DNAA

Affiliations form blank

Affiliation form example