The annual fee to G.N.A.S. (ArcheryGB) has been divided into four proportionate, three monthly segments and payable directly to them.

New members Joining AGB during the quarter October to December full fee January to March ¾ fee April to June ½ fee July to September ¼ fee

County and Region, however, (where total fee per member is considerably lower), have not made any such adjustment. Thus annual fees to County or Region are paid in full, whenever in the year the payment is made. The ArcheryGB fee must go directly to the office in Lilleshall.
County and Regional fees go to the individual Treasurer (N.C.A.S. & D.N.A.A.). Currently D.N.A.A. treasurer is, Mr Charles E Hall, 1 Northumberland Villas, Wallsend, NE28 6QA.

Counties have an arrangement with the Region to collect fees on their behalf. Please send both County and Region to DNAA and the Regional fee will be passed on. Please include only one cheque for the total amount payable to DNAA along with a copy of the member detail forms sent to AGB/GNAS.

Please Note:

ArcheryGB only recognise a club as an affiliated club IF county and regional fees are paid. In ANY other case each member is classed as ‘Direct’ and should pay the ‘Direct Member Fee’. This is more per individual than the total fee for an affiliated club member! Only NEW club members or members who have not been a member for a minimum of 18 months are eligible for pro-rata fees. Re-affiliating members must pay the full fee, both Seniors and Juniors, unless it is a Junior specific club which pays a standard en-bloc fee. Direct members, whether new or re-affiliating are not entitled to a reduction of the £48.00″

Archery GB Fee NCAS Regional Fee DNAA County Fee
Direct Member (Senior) £49.00 (Junior) £47.00 Senior £2.00 Senior 18+ £3.50
Club Member (Senior) £41.00 (Junior) £26.00 Junior £1.00 (unless part if a registered junior club) Junior £1.75
Junior Club £70.00 per club Junior Club £5.00 Junior Club £10.00
University Club £135.00 per club Disabled Club £5.00 Disabled Club is per archer senior or junior
Club for only archers with disabilities £NIL. University club £20.00 University club £10.00