Event Updates

Gosforth Arrows Tournament 2nd July has been Cancelled

Carpathia shoot on 8 and 9 July has been postponed, plan to shoot in september

Heugh Amalgamation Results- Here

Pentangle update

The tournament committee who are organising the Pentangle this year, would like to offer an  apology for the lack of communication, by offering free spaces in the Pentangle portion of the Penniecuik Challenge to any DNAA Archer wishing to participate.

The DNAA Committee would like archers to be able to take advantage of this offer.  Should there be enough entrants from our county to constitute a team, we must stress that you are taking part as a member of your club and not as a DNAA Team member and will not be eligible to win any of the Pentangle trophies.  No expenses will be reimbursed.

NCAS Coaching Conference 2017

Hosted by DNAA, the NCAS Coaching Conference took place this year, on Sunday 23rd of April at Chester-le-Street, County Durham. A total of 43 coaches from around the region came to hear presentations from David Harrison, County Coach and National Judge on ‘Coaching for Tournament Conditions’, Helen George, Senior Coach and Member of World Archery Para Committee, on the new ‘World Archery Excellence Centre in Lausanne’. Carol Byde, RCO and Senior Coach, started proceedings off.

The last time DNAA hosted the NCAS Coaching Conference, we were fortunate to get Lloyd Brown as our guest speaker. This year it was with great pleasure that our main Presenter for the day was introduced, Richard Priestman, Senior Olympic Coach.


Richard’s presentations covered the following;

‘What It Takes To Win’ (WITTW)’. This covered both Richard’s and Archery GB’s Coaching style and philosophy.

Some of Richard’s experiences, coaching overseas as a professional coach, in several different countries, gave the coaches an insight into what it is like to work in other countries.

The session on Techniques, including the importance of strength, fitness, lifestyle and mental aspects was so well put and demonstrated by Richard, that the coaches present were enthralled. Richard’s explanations were so clearly put and were backed up by a selection of photographs, which confirmed the points he was making. Richard showed how important it is for coaches, not only to fully understand good coaching techniques, but to be able to pass them on to their individual archers.

His Bow Training Session, once again was so clear and enabled the Coaches to understand the importance of Bow Training. He demonstrated using a bow, bands and several different devices.

This session helped coaches to see that there are so many methods, that their archers’ can use, for example, when they are on holiday and unable to shoot. It helps them to maintain archery fitness levels.


The information passed on to the Coaches by Richard was great and very much appreciated by everyone present. His style of presenting made it so easy to understand and his ability to answer a wide variety of questions was wonderful. Knowing how busy Richard is, it was great he was able to attend the Conference.

It’s not often that coaches have the opportunity to talk with someone with the experience Richard has, not only as a coach but as an international and Olympian archer. The regular refreshment breaks allowed the coaches to chat to him which he was very happy to do.


Carpathia WRS Tournament hosted by Bowmen of Walke

The Bowmen of Walker invite you to the Carpathia WRS Tournament on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 July 2017.

Click Here to View

Day 1: Saturday 8th July 2017

Rounds: World Record Status Double WA 720 70m and 60m, 50m (Compound)

All compound archers will shoot the 50m round, all other bow types will shoot the 70m round or the 60m Cadet round.

Day 2: Sunday 9th July 2017 Continue reading “Carpathia WRS Tournament hosted by Bowmen of Walke”



2 Trophies are now available for LONGBOW shooters (WARTSON ELDER Trophies)

The competition will be run from 1st January to 31st December of each year.

Points are awarded (see Record Sheet) at ALL Open Tournaments INDOORS and OUTDOORS for which an entry fee is paid.

The completed Record Sheets could be sent individually or collected by the Club Secretary or Records Officer and returned to

Alex Smith,  6, Dukes Meadow, Woolsington, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE13 8AU     before the end of January of the following year. Telephone number for any queries is 0191.2860827.

The Trophies will be awarded soon after this date (DNAA INDOOR CHAMPS ?) and will be held for one year for TOP LADY LONGBOW (SENIOR OR JUNIOR) and for TOP GENTLEMAN LONGBOW (SENIOR OR JUNIOR). Medals could also be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

A separate trophy will be awarded annually to the most improved Longbow Archer (from the previous years’ record sheet)

Feedback on the scoring system could change the format in the future.