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Do you need a little help with your archery? There will be a coaching session open to any club archer wanting a little extra help with their archery at the home of Riverside Archery Club, Thorp Academy Ryton. NE40 3AH on Saturday April 28th. Doors open at 9:00 for range and kit setup, aiming for…

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Event Updates

New entry form for the DNAA Field Champs RS + Arrowhead : Click here to view Cleadon Shoots WA900 May 12th: Click here Open May 13th: Click here WA Weekend 1440: Click here WA Weekend Double 720: Click here  

County Judge Exam

Following an excellent weekend in DNAA, I am pleased to report that all the attending judges passed their county judge exam. These are: Christine Straughn George McMillan Gilly Cooper Lynn Nicholson Tony Reith Thanks to Rob Potts and Sue Richardson who traveled up to run the seminar and exam. Also Sharon Tideswell and Dave Harrison…

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