Castles League 2017/18.

Although the outdoor season is not over quite yet, it’s time to announce that the ‘Castles League’ will be run once again this indoor season. You are welcome to ‘register’ from now, if you so wish, OR, wait until the nights roll in even sooner. I already have the first name entered!

Castles League.

January tables loaded where I had scores returned. February is the final month of this winter league so keep going and good shooting.

Castles League.

Thanks for all ‘Castles’ league scores returned early for December. As usual I will email all contacts polling for returns but not until 3rd January as the festive period is still in full swing. With reference to that, may I wish everyone an archery prosperous 2017.

Castles League

Updated Castles League tables for final time in 2016. ‘whereami’ also reviewed. I hope to make less errors in 2017. I promise! Best Festive wishes.

Castles League (October)

‘Castles League’ – October has tipped over the middle of the month so have you shot your best league score yet? Two more weeks before I poll for results.