Welfare Officer

        Safeguard and protecting young children,

                 and vulnerable people in your club

 A reminder to all clubs’ secretaries in relation to safeguarding and protecting young children and vulnerable people in your clubs.

Whilst there are a growing number of reported cases in the media of abuse in various sports, with some of them with police investigations, DNAA felt it is important that every possible measure is taken to ensure that archery in our clubs offers a safe experience for children and vulnerable people with robust structures and procedures in place to manage any concern reported.

All clubs are responsible to provide services to children, young people and adults who are carers. It is intended to enable them to review their current policies, procedures and analyse the current state of safeguarding and promoting children’s welfare and vulnerable people within their clubs and decide what steps are necessary in order to implement the guidance.

All clubs should be operating in line with Archery GB and the Sport UK guidance and procedures and their constitutionpolicies should include:

  • Club Codes of practice for coaches, participants and adult who are carers and volunteers.
  • Welfare officer(s) should be members of the club and sit or to be in attendance as necessary to the club management committee and advice on child safeguarding issues.
  • Identified Club welfare officer(s) with clear role description. Preferable if possible one male and one female.
  • Systems to deal with unacceptable behaviour.
  • Clear reporting procedures, should concern about poor practice or possible abuse arise (whether inside or outside the club environment)
  • Clear guidance on photography, social media, transporting children and away trips.
  • Open and consistent process for recruiting volunteers whose roles include contact with or responsible for children or young people.
  • Constant monitoring club’s web-page(s) in social media and report inappropriate links/post to Clubs Secretary.
  • Head coach and coaches should notbe welfare officer(s), if that’s not possible Club Secretary should contact and liaise with DNAA Welfare and Coaching Officers, for alternative arrangements

Be aware that conducted research found that while participating in organised sport is a positive experience for most children and young people, there was a significant level of abuse reported concerning levels of physical, sexual and emotional abuse within sports, with a tendency for this to increase with the level of participation, it is important that every possible measure is taken to ensure that archery offers a safe experience for children and vulnerablepeople and manages any concerns.

If your Welfare Officer(s) needs training please contact:

dnaacoaching@gmail.com  or  dnaawelfare@gmail.com

Relevant documents to guide your amendments and use them as templates for your club documentation:

  • DNAA The good Club guide for Welfare Officer
  • Notes and guidance on completion DNAA Safeguarding Incident Report Form
  • DNAA Safeguarding Incident Report Form
  • DNAA Agency Incident report Form
  • Flowchart Safeguarding reporting procedure
  • Code of practice for Staff and volunteers
  • Code of practice for parents and carers
  • Code of contact for children and vulnerable people
  • Incident Record Form
  • Sample of anti-bullying policy.

All of the above are attached at DNAA/coaching/welfare documents, web-side. Or for more see archery GB web-side: http://www.archerygb.org/about-us-structure-safeguard/about-us/codes-of-conduct/

Please revise your clubs constitution and amend if necessary to include safeguarding and protecting children and vulnerable people in your club and sent the new version of your clubs constitution to DNAA secretary.

Kind Regards

Yannis Smirnis

DNAA Safeguarding Officer