County Team

1. All shooting members of the Durham and Northumberland Archery Association are eligible to apply to be considered to shoot as part of a County Team, INCLUDING longbow archers and reserves, provided that they are a member of a D.N.A.A. associated club or a Direct Member of ArcheryGB, AND have affiliated to both the county (D.N.A.A) and regional associations (N.C.A.S)

2. Prior to any County Team Event notification will be made on this web site that Archers who wish to be considered for the County Team should fill in the on-line form and submit their scores. The on-line form is linked HERE but is also linked to ‘other pages’
The Rounds that are accepted for consideration are:

  • For Gents: York round and Gents FITA (1440) round.
  • For Ladies: Hereford round and Ladies FITA (1440) round. The York round may also be used for consideration.
  • All round must be shot at a recognised competition and not at a ‘club target’ session.
  • All rounds submitted must have been shot in the THREE months prior to the Event Notification.
  • Between Two and Four scores are required for each submission.
  • The choice of scores submitted are totally at the discretion of the archer.
  • Where FITA scores are used, the single day FITA (1440) round has precedence over the ‘two’ day single FITA (1440) round.

Scores submitted are at the discretion of the archer and a valid results list may not be available at the time of submission. These scores will be taken ‘on trust’, HOWEVER, if subsequently this score is found to be false, then appropriate disciplinary action will be taken

3. The selection Process: The selection process for both team members and reserves will be as details in the County Constitution 2014 Appendix ‘F’ Constitution Download

4. Ratification of selection. The team will be selected by the County Executive Committee using the submitted information The chosen team and all the scores submitted by them will be posted on this web site to allow any query on selection to be answered. Once this period of grace expires the team will be ratified by the Executive Committee and arrangements confirmed for the Team Event.