Exec Summary

February 2019

A quorum was not present.  The meeting took place although all decisions have been held over to the March meeting.

The minutes of the January meeting were presented and approved.

The committee were advised that according to Sport 80 there are 117 AGB members in the county who have yet to affiliate to County and Region.

An update was given relating to the new Barebow Championships to be held at Norton in September.  The proposed round is to be put forward as a motion at the WA Congress in June.  Until this is passed, judges are to treat the round as they would a WA 720.

DCA has a new club secretary.

Cleadon’s secretary has resigned.

Any bare bow archers wanting to share tips to shoot longer distances or wanting to learn technique, please contact the Coaching Coordinator or Mark Robertson to arrange a place at Riverside on 31 March.

An open coaching session for club archers is also to be held at Riverside on 6 April.  Places are limited.  Please contact the Coaching Coordinator at  DNAACoaching@gmail.com.


Archers competing outside of county are asked to send copies of the results to the Records Officer even if they are not claiming any records.


The NCAS AGM is being held at Weatherby and District Social Club on 16 March 2019.  All DNAA members are entitled to attend and will be welcomed.


The next meeting will be held at Park View Community Association on Monday 25 March  2019.  commencing at 7.30 pm.