Exec Summary

Executive Summary

Minutes of the May 2018 minutes were approved.

Further discussions are being held in relation to the Pentangle and its format/viability going forward.

The Outdoor Novice Championships unfortunately did not go ahead as planned on 21 June.  A replacement club has been sourced (Durham City Archers) and the new date for the event will be 11 August 2018.  The website will be updated with the entry form as soon as it is received however if you are eligible to attend please do so as you only have one opportunity to enter the Novice Champs.

The Jolly Rodgers Club Team Challenge is the new name for the re-vamped Tyne Tees completion.  Should any clubs wish to assist by hosting the event we are looking for volunteers for the third weekend in September.  Please contact secretary.dnaa@gmail.com if you require any further information.

A new award scheme is being put in place.  The “Lambton Worm” has been designed with novices and intermediate archers in mind.  The multi-piece badge will be available only for scores shot at Open Competitions.  Receipt of the badges should take place this month and details of how to earn the Lambton Worm will be posted along with a photograph as soon as they are received.

Mark Robertson is congratulated on his achievement of being chosen to represent GB at the World Archery Field Championships.

The DNAA County Champs went ahead this year as single detail on both days due to football fixtures.  Refunds are to be given to all those who are unable to compete due to the changes.

48 Junior Records were issued following the recent Junior Competition at Killingworth.  Archers.  Congratulations to all those who competed that weekend.

The next meeting will be held at Park View Community Association on Monday 17 September 2018 commencing at 7.30 pm.