Exec Summary

November 2018

Park View Community Association

Attendance at the meeting was low and very close to the meeting being called off due to lack of attendance.

Minutes of the September 2018 minutes were approved.

The former Tyne Tees competition is to be renamed “The Jolly Rodgers Club Team Challenge”.  This is to be discussed at the next meeting if anyone would like any further information or would like to assist in the running of this historical competition, please do not hesitate to contact the DNAA Secretary who will pass on the information to Karen Relton (Heugh).

Memberships.  It was reported that we still have quite a few clubs who have failed to pay fees for their archers, have sent in the incorrect paperwork, incorrect fees etc.  Secretaries are reminded that paperwork has been provided on the DNAA website along with the procedure to follow to get the right information to the right people before the information is collated and forwarded on to Region.  The forms have been produced to make the task as simple as possible for Club Secretaries and the DNAA Treasurer/Membership Secretary.  The “mistakes” cause a lot of additional replication of work for our volunteers.  Universities are reminded that when new archers arrive at the club and AGB fees are paid, the names still need to be forwarded on to the Membership Secretary.

Recuve Postal League.  It has been noted that changes have been made to the formatting of the Postal League.  A report is to be presented at the next meeting by Anthony Tate.

The committee would like to congratulate all DNAA archers who were at the NCAS shoot in Cumbria in October.  They had challenging and changeable weather but all shot to the best of their abilities and we congratulate you on your achievements.

The next meeting will be held at Park View Community Association on Monday 14 January 2019.  commencing at 7.30 pm.