Exec Summary

September 2017

Minutes of the July 2017 minutes were approved.

The DNAA Calendar has been updated.

Constitutions are still required from the majority of clubs (including universities) and these are once again requested.  Clubs are advised that should their constitution be amended in ANY way, a copy should be sent to secretary.dnaa@gmail.com.

The DNAA Field Shoot was resurrected this year and went well, positive feedback has been received and the tournament organisers wish to host the event next year.

Although nearly cancelled due to lack of entries, the DNAA FITA Star Weekend was eventually a success thanks to lots of County and out of County archers entering late in the day.  Club secretaries are asked to promote competitions within clubs and encourage novices/intermediate archers to participate in competitions.  Archers should note that you do not have to shoot your age appropriate round, you can if you wish join the “younger archers” and shoot a different round ………… it may be scary at first but it is fun HONEST, It’s how lots of archers acquired their competition bug.  You may not win a medal but you will make lots of new friends on the competition field and of course improve with experience.  Why not GIVE IT A GO.

The competition calendar for the 2017/18 calendar is being circulated to all club secretaries to pass on to the committee/tournament organiser with a view to the calendar being published next month.  Please bear with us as this will depend on the clubs getting the information to us to approve the calendar at the October meeting.

DNAA are hosting the 5 Counties (Closed) Junior and Senior competition on 30 September and 1 October 2017.  Congratulations to all archers who have been chosen to represent DNAA and good luck to you all.

The next meeting will be held at Park View Community Association on Monday 16 October 2017 commencing at 7.30 pm.

Previous Executive Summary

10th July 2017


DNAA presented a full team of archers at the Mid Summer Tournament at Lilleshall at the end of June.  Our Gents Recurve Team came home with a Bronze medal.  We would like to thank all archers who took part for their dedication and commitment over the weekend.  Please remember that DNAA are hosting the NCAS Inter-counties on 30 September (Juniors) and 1 October 2017 (Seniors).  Keep an eye on the website for selection criteria and we hope to see lots of names put forward for the team.

As requested, the County organized accommodation for the archers at Lilleshall for this event.  Unfortunately this will not be the case for future events and we will be reverting back to archers booking their own accommodation going forward.

There are various coaching courses being organized within the County, the website is the best place to look to see what is going on, but please contact the coaching e-mail address (or Ian Norwood County Coaching Officer) for further information.

We are as always looking for candidate judges to join the ranks of our judging team.  If anyone is interested, please contact one of our current candidates or qualified judges who will be more than happy to have a chat.

The next County Meeting will be held at the Park View Community Association at 7.30 pm on Monday 18 September 2017.

AGM 15 May 2017

Park View Community Association

Minutes of the 2016 AGM and March 2017 minutes were approved.

Committee Members are now as follows:-

Charles Hall (Treasurer  and SPOC) Sharon Tideswell (Secretary) Dave Harrison (Chairman)
Andrea Wilson (Records Officer) Chris Wise (Jr Team Manager) Scott Waterson (Webmaster)
Ian Norwood (Coaching Organiser) Steve Richardson (Safeguarding Officer) Yanis Smirnis (Safeguarding Officer)
George McMillan (Membership Secretary) Paul Maddison (Senior Team Manager)


DNAA Membership fees will remain the same in 2017/18.  A position of membership secretary has been created and notification of who to send membership fees/details will follow.


The Outdoor Novice Champs are to be held at Whitburn on 25 June 2017.  Entries are available on Eventbrite.

The Jimmy Melville Memorial Shoot will go ahead on 1 July 2017.



Postal League trophies are awarded as follows:-


Division A – Trophy awarded to Durham City Archers

Division B – Trophy awarded to Newburn Archers

Division C – Trophy awarded to Wear Archers

Individual Ladies –  Trophy awarded to Kay Neil with a score of 563.

Individual Gents – Trophy awarded to Morgan Donaldson with a score of 586


Unfortunately the compound league organizer did not attend the meeting and no results are available.


Trophy awarded to Riverside Archers:  Junior winners are Wear Archers.


DNAA are pleased to announce the new County Team sponsors are Custom Built Archery.