2018-19. The ‘Castles’ League

After a few issues at home it’s time to announce that the ‘Castles’ League’ is ‘on’ for this coming winter season. All details are now on the one PDF page linked below, however, there are some changes for 2018/19.

The league will run for 6 months now. October through to March (inclusive)

There is a ‘NEW’ email contact address shown in the PDF instructions.

Division limits have been massaged to allow quicker promotion… but that’s no reason to slack!

Certificates will only be provided upon request so we can all enjoy spring (when it comes) and cast the winter into memory.

I welcome all county archers to the challenge. I don’t need club teams I need only you! Enjoy the sport, keep going, and good luck.

For FULL league rules please read ‘Castle Winter League Rules’.

Tony George. League Administrator.