2017 – 2018. The ‘Castles’ League

The league that I never imagined would still be running after 5 years now enters its 11th year and we’re ready to go for the indoor season 2017-18. We retain the 9 divisions introduced last year so more opportunities to progress if you are novice standard and improving?

The divisions are itemised below with the ‘Range’ being where a score is ‘normal’ for that skill level. ‘Hi’ limit threshold is for those who progress and enter a score that hints at promotion and ‘LO’ limit threshold is for those where the skill level is not quite high enough, yet, for the chosen division.

As an example of how the divisions function we will look at ‘Alnwick’.

The ‘normal’ range for scores in this division will be between 186 and 205 for three dozen CONSECUTIVE arrows scored while attempting the league challenge.

If you were to shoot above 207 (the ‘upper’ limit) twice, then you would be considered to have improved enough to be in the next higher division. A modest 2 points into the higher division.

If you were to shoot below 178 (the ‘lower’ limit) twice then you would have slipped back and would then be placed in the next lower division.

In the league news, these events are termed “first move score” or “second move score” for either the first or second score over the threshold. Division moves only become active from the month after the second threshold is reached. The reason for this is to allow the score to show in the published ‘tables’ rather than be included in the other division where it may be lost in the mix of similar scores.

Who is eligible? This is a league for individuals so you as a single archer, or your club as a group of archers can enter for the winter season.

To do so just send the following details to ‘dnaa_logical@talktalk.net’.

Your name,


Bow Style,

Gender (lady, gent, boy, girl) plus,

if you are confident of the division you best fit, the starting division also otherwise I will allocate a division based on your first score.

You may enter the league multiple times if you shoot different bow styles. For example, you may shoot both recurve and barebow. You may enter once for each discipline and these entries can feature in different divisions.

The league starts from the time we all go indoors and scores are valid from October 1st with the final month closing on March 1st. Although we have the tendency for loss of venues over the Christmas and New year festivities I include these as separate months for those who can manage. As we have no ‘Best Archer’ for the season each month is a miniature league. Months covered are thus as follows: October, November, December, January, and February.

After the close of the league in March and the receipt of final scores I produce a certificate for those who provided a minimum of two monthly scores.

The certificate should include details of promotion and/or the provision of a ‘top’ score per division, bow style, gender and month over the months of the league. This certificate and the whole league participation is free to county archers.

I welcome all county archers to the challenge. I don’t need club teams I need only you! Enjoy the sport, keep going, and good luck.

For FULL league rules please read ‘Castle Winter League Rules’.

Tony George. League Administrator.