Compound Winter League

Dear Club Secretary/Tournament Organiser


As the appointed person for managing the recurve and compound winter postal leagues I am requesting the names of those clubs wishing to take part.

Full competition rules can be found here.

Here is a reminder of the main criteria:-


  • Recurve archers only for the Recurve League
  • Compound Archers only for the Compound League
  • Must be DNAA affiliated
  • Portsmouth Round (Recurve archers will shot on a 60cm full size face and compound archers will shoot on a 60cm triple spot face.)
  • A recurve team consists of top 4 scores (in the case of a second team the next top 4, etc..)
  • A compound team consists of top 3 scores (in the case of a second team the next top 3, etc..)
  • Archers must shoot on the same day and at the same venue
  • Clubs can combine to form a joint team in circumstances where they have insufficient members to sustain an effective team or lack indoor facilities.

Matches are one per month commencing in November.


This year score submissions will be made using an online form which will update match results and league tables almost immediately.


Information you will need for the online form:

  • Email address of club organiser.
  • Name of your club – selected from list.
  • League – selected from list.
  • Season – there will only be on selection.
  • Date of your match.
  • Name of each archer.
  • Score, hits and golds for each archer.

Please feedback any comments or suggestions that you may have during this development phase.


The online submission form can be found here. The form will be active between 14th October 2019 and 5th April 2020.


Please reply by Monday 30th September 2019 to



Yours sincerely

George McMillan