Winter Longbow








  1. The PORTSMOUTH ROUND (60cms faces) will be shot under G.N.A.S. Rules of Shooting.


  1. Rounds may be shot Indoors or Outdoors.


  1. Clubs, with the approval of the League Hon. Secretary, may combine to form a joint team in circumstances where they have insufficient members to sustain an effective team.


  1. A Team score will be the aggregate of the highest scores shot by D.N.A.A. affiliated archers at the same event on the same day. Where the event is an Open Tournament with more than one session, a qualifying individual score may come from any session, even where those sessions are held on two separate but consecutive days, provided an individual has not shot in the event earlier in the day.  In the 2019-2020 competition the Longbow League, up to Four archers, making the highest scores, regardless of age or gender.


  1. An archer, once having made a qualifying score for the team of one Club, shall not qualify thereafter during that winter season, for the team of another Club.


  1. a)   Matches should be shot on or between the dates allotted in the Fixture List, but where a Club is unable to arrange its Match within the month/s allotted, it may, with the approval of the DNAA Postal League Secretary, (not to be unreasonably withheld), shoot the Round not more than 7 days prior to nor more than 7 days following the month/s allotted in the Fixture List.


  1. Results of Team Scores for each Fixture, including the date shot, the venue, the names of the Team members and their individual Scores, Hits and 10s, shall be supplied in writing (preferably by email transmission) by each Club to the League Hon. Secretary. Clubs shall use their best endeavours to return team scores to the League Secretary within five days of a match being shot. There is no obligation on clubs to send scores to their opponents.


  1. a) Competing Clubs are not required to shoot on the same day as their opponents.


  1. b) To qualify, a Match must be arranged (or re-arranged) at any time prior to commencement of sighters in the Session or Tournament adopted for the Fixture. (It is in the spirit of this competition that all Archers are aware that they are about to shoot in a League Match that will count as valid).  For the avoidance of doubt, a pre-arranged Match may be cancelled at the very last minute, but only prior to any sighter arrow being shot.


  1. A Match Event, once having begun (i.e. The first sighter arrow having been shot), cannot be re-started from the beginning. Where the completion of an interrupted match takes place on a subsequent day, fresh sighters will be allowed.


  1. a)      The match winning Club will be the Team having the higher Team Score.  In the event of Team scores being equal, the winning Club will be decided upon most Hits then, if still a tie, on most 10s.


  1. b) A Match shall be declared a Tie where opponent Teams record equal Scores, Hits and



  1. c) Team scores which are also used for other competitions will be accepted.


  1. No Team or individual score will be accepted more than once in this competition.


  1. a) Two League Points will be awarded to a match winning Club.


  1. One League Point will be awarded to each Club when a match is declared a Tie.


  1. c) No league points will be awarded to a losing team, or to a club failing to shoot or failing to supply the results to the Hon. League Secretary by the due date. The League Secretary or the DNAA President shall have discretion in deciding on such validity.


  1.  A Club failing to comply with the requirements of these Rules may forfeit both League Points to its opponent club.  When both Clubs fail to comply, no points will be awarded to either.


  1. The League Winning Team Award will go to the Club accumulating the highest number of League Points. League positions of Clubs accumulating equal League points shall be decided on highest aggregate score; then on Hits; then on 10s.  Should this fail to provide a League winner, the Award will be shared jointly between those Clubs so tying.


  1. The Award will be retained for one year and shall be returned to the Organiser in good condition and in time for presentation at the D.N.A.A. Annual General Meeting.


  1. The League Secretary will inform all participating Clubs of the results of all Matches as soon as is practicable.


  1. The decisions of the League Secretary shall be final, except in cases where his/her

club is party to a dispute, in which event the D.N.A.A. President (or the President’s appointee) will be invited to referee.


  1. It is a condition of entry that competing Clubs undertake to reimburse the costs of the DNAA in running the League (i.e. the League Secretary’s postage, printing, telephones and the like) in equal shares, when called upon to do so.


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