DNAA at Intercounties 2019

This awesome bunch represented DNAA at the Intercounties 2019 shoot

Kendal Clout: I’m the clartiest shoot of the year

Intercounties Target: Hold my beer…

Vicki Waller & Glen Studholme – Barebow Team winners (Glen also the Gents Barebow winner)


DNAA at York Clout

Thanks to Connor this photo looks like it should be our next album cover! The DNAA clout squad travelled again last weekend – some won big and some of us ‘saved ourselves for Nationals’ 🙂

Nationals is the big season finale this weekend – best of luck to everyone shooting! 🏹

Kendal Weekend of Clout

When you think of Kendal you might think of Kendal Mint Cake. Or Kendal Mint Cake liqueur. Or Lakes. This hardy DNAA crew were definitely thinking lakes last weekend – lakes of mud!  But it would take more than clarts, strong winds and driving rain to deter this lot and they brought home some beautiful stone trophies, some shiny medals and some raffle prizes anyway. Congrats to all!!