Compound Postal League 2018-19

The indoor season is upon us once again,

Give the compound winter league ago.

 I am requesting the names of any clubs wishing to take part in the compound postal league.

Full competition rules along with fixture lists and a template score sheet will be emailed to competing clubs. In the meantime, here is a reminder of the main aspects of the criteria: –

Compound archers only

Must be DNAA affiliated

Portsmouth Round (60 arrows shot at 20 yards on a 60cm triple face)

A team consists of top 3 scores

Archers must shoot on the same day and at the same venue

Clubs can combine to form a joint team in circumstances where they have insufficient members to sustain an effective team or lack indoor facilities.

Matches are usually one per month commencing in November.

If taking part in the postal league, please make sure that your club can fulfil the commitment of shooting monthly matches and also make sure that the person nominated as competition organiser (it doesn’t have to be the secretary or records officer) is willing to be the contact and can get the results to me as soon as possible after the match is shot.

If your club wishes to take part email me the following details by Friday 21st of October.







Castles League.

NO! I didn’t forget about it, but this summer has been busy. Here we are, nearly indoors so this is to announce that I’m ready for you this winter. Just view ‘Leagues’ for a link to the new rules. Be careful as a new email address is in use. If you have any queries just email, and in a week or so I’ll prompt club secretaries that the show is open.

National Series

Congratulations to Alex Wise & Cameron Donaldson, who have qualified for the National Series Finals @ Lilleshall later this month