Lambton Worm Award

The ‘Lambton Worm Award’ has been designed to provide archers of all ages (Junior & Senior), who are not yet shooting scores high enough to achieve WA or Rose Awards, an incentive to improve their archery skills.

The Lambton Worm Award is open to all DNAA archers and comprises a worm head with 5 coloured bars. The coloured bars indicate increased proficiency and are white (incorporated in the badge), black, blue, red, gold & purple.

Each coloured bar can be claimed once an archer achieves the minimum score for the round being shot (shown in the table below) in accordance with their bow style, age group & gender.

If unsure please refer to AGB Rules of Shooting ‘Recognised Rounds’ 308.  The Lambton Worm is provided for a small fee. The complete badge cost £6.50 each.  The segments claimed will be given to the archer and the remaining segments kept by the administrator until the scores are achieved.

You can find all the information on the Lambton Worm under the events tab on the menu bar

DNAA Tablecloth – Now Found. Thank you for your help.

The County’s Table Cloth has been misplaced.  It was last seen during the presentation at the Indoor Novice Champs hosted by Whitburn.  It is in a large black folio case (A1 size).  .

It would be greatly appreciated if anyone who attended the event could forward any information as to its current whereabouts since the event in March, please contact  

Inter county Shoot 2018

Its that time of year again when we have to open up the team submissions for the NCAS Inter county Event to be held on 6th (Juniors) and 7th (Seniors) October at Penrith.

The Juniors will be able to submit scores for the whole of the 2018 outdoor season but the seniors will only be able to submit scores from 9 July 2018 to the closing date. which is the 9th Sept 2018

Unfortunately there are no Barebow teams at this event.
Should you wish to enter your scores they will fall into the Recurve category and will be considered as a submission for this team.

Click here to Enter

John Purvis


The Funeral will take place at Durham Crem @ 10:30 on the 13th august then afterwards to the Coxhoe Working Men’s Club


It is with great sadness we announce the passing of one of the counties finest archers. John Purvis passed away suddenly yesterday.

Our deepest sympathies go to Victoria and the family.

John shot many times for the county and helped to run Aycliff Archers for many years.

He will be missed by everyone. RIP John.