Exec Summary update

February 2018

Park View Community Association

Minutes of the January 2018 minutes were approved.

There are still a few clubs who have not forwarded their constitutions.  These should be forwarded as a matter of urgency to secretary.dnaa@gmail.com.

A sub-committee has been formed to (initially) reformat the Tyne –v- Tees Shoot in September.  A document showing an idea of the proposed format has been circulated to club secretaries with the minutes. They are to discuss this with the novices/intermediate archers in their clubs.

The DNAA Candidate Judge seminar was held in the middle of February.  We are pleased to announce that all five candidates who sat the exam all passed.  We hope to have a few more qualified county judges soon.

The 50th DNAA Indoor County Champs is filling up fast.  The afternoon session is nearly full and the morning session still has a few places.

The organisers of the field shoot are looking into bespoke medals for all of the County Shoots.  We will keep you updated but would like to thank them for all their hard work.

The constitution is to be amended at the AGM if you are interested in finding out what the proposed changes are, please speak to your club secretary.

Changes to the Data Protection Act may affect your club and the information that is held, please check out the Information Commissioners website for further information.

The next meeting will be held at Park View Community Association on Monday 26 March 2018 commencing at 7.30 pm.

‘Castles’ League closing month.

Tables have been updated for February, the closing month for the winter league. News and ‘where-am-i’ have also been refreshed. The next job is to collate and print the certificates and this will be done over the coming days. In season 2017-18 we had 313 archers showing interest and 242 submitting 2 or more monthly returns. Well done to all, and I hope to be able to open the league once more for winter 2018-19. Good Shooting over the summer months!

AGB competition Seminars

A huge THANK YOU to Killingworth on a successful day at the 50th DNAA indoor championships. Jon and Katy from Archery GB called in to give an update on the competition review/National Ranking Pilot that has been taking place over the last few months. Thank you to those who stayed to listen and for the questions posed which I am sure will be looked into. For those of you who couldn’t say or have thought of questions since, the e-mail address you will need to send them to is : competitionreview@archerygb.org

DNAA Compound winter postal league results.

All remaining teams have shot 4 matches each with some stand out matches from both Aycliffe archers and celadon archers.

The organiser thinks it has been a successful year with a couple of ups and downs but is pleased with the way it has gone and thanks everyone for their your support this year.

The final will be a grudge match between Bowmen of walker A & B teams 

who have battled on all season against each other.

The final will be held on 17 March at Coach Lane 10 o’clock start.

To view all results Click Here


Do you need a little help with your archery?

There will be a coaching session open to any club archer wanting a little extra help with their archery at the home of Riverside Archery Club, Thorp Academy Ryton. NE40 3AH on Saturday April 28th. Doors open at 9:00 for range and kit setup, aiming for a 10:00 start, finish around 4:00pm. There will be several coaches on hand to give help and assistance with any bow style.

There will be teas and coffee available, please bring your own lunch

Places will be limited so please book in advance by sending an email via dnaacoaching@gmail.com to Ian Norwood, with a brief indication of bow style, experience and goal for the session.

County Judge Exam

Following an excellent weekend in DNAA, I am pleased to report that all the attending judges passed their county judge exam. These are:

Christine Straughn
George McMillan
Gilly Cooper
Lynn Nicholson
Tony Reith

Thanks to Rob Potts and Sue Richardson who traveled up to run the seminar and exam. Also Sharon Tideswell and Dave Harrison for supporting the candidates