Castles League (October)

The draft league tables have been loaded. A few results are still expected and the tables will be completed once these arrive. Shoot well everyone!

Castles League.

An interesting query has been posed about scores. We have accepted that a ‘scoring dozen’ when entered for the league MUST start at the beginning of a dozen, however, the rules state that a valid score must be three consecutive dozen arrows shot. It has been decided that a clarification is required. In future the three consecutive dozen scoring arrows MAY begin at the half dozen stage. That is, a valid score COULD start, for example, 1 to 36 OR 7 to 42 etc. Breaking the system down any further would make it unacceptably difficult. The ‘rules’ page will be updated shortly. This may provide more opportunity for those novices who do not complete a ‘full’ round?

Executive Summary

 September 2018

Park View Community Association

Minutes of the July 2018 minutes were approved.

Constitutions.  Clubs are reminded that should their constitution change at their AGM updated versions should be sent.

“The Lambton Worm”.  This has proved popular so far but will come to a stand still over the winter season.  Claims are still being taken for the 2018 outdoor season.

The former Tyne Tees competition is to be renamed “The Jolly Rodgers Club Team Challenge”.  A suggestion has been made to incorporate the event into the Teesside Champs.  This has been tabled to the next Meeting.  If any clubs are interested in hosting the event please contact the County Secretary.

Riverside will be putting on a USB (unsighted bow) competition in 2019.

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Longbow & Junior Winter Leagues

The indoor season is upon us once again,

Give the winter league ago.

I am requesting the names of any clubs wishing to take part in the postal league.

In the meantime, here is a reminder of the main aspects of the criteria: –

Longbow Teams – No age restrictions

Junior Teams – 2 leagues run with compound archers only able to enter the handicap one

Must be DNAA affiliated

Portsmouth Round (60 arrows shot at 20 yards on a 60cm)

If your club wishes to take part email me the following details by Friday 21st of October.






Andy Waddle