Team Selection for the 5 Counties

Junior Submissions Senior submissions

The committee would like to congratulate the DNAA County Team  who will be attending the event being hosted by DNAA at Norton Archers on 30 September 2017 (Juniors) and 1 October 2017 (Seniors).

The Junior Team will consist of:-

Dillon Crow  and Tony Tatum, Junior Gents Compound;

Cameron Taylor-Thorn and Charney Mole, Junior Ladies Compound;

Matthew Forman, Junior Gent Longbow;

Jenny Cuthbertson and Niamh Chalmers, Junior Lady Longbow;

Cameron Donaldson, Damien Needs and Alexander Smirnis, Junior Gent Recurve;

Hannah Mason, Annabel Garner and Jessica Bowkett, Junior Lady Recurve.

The following archers will be representing their county in the individual events:-

James Mole, Junior Gent Compound; Mya Chalmers, Junior Lady Compound; Miss T Blanchard, Junior Lady Longbow, Abbie-Leigh Taylor, Junior Lady Recurve.


The Senior team will consist of:-

Gents Compound: Graeme Thorn, Mark Harrison and Alan Blogg (Tony Reith non-travelling reserve)

Ladies Compound: Jane Reith, Pam Duncanson, Julie Ryan (Becc Keith non-travelling reserve)

Gents Longbow: Brian Shearer, Steve Foreman

Ladies Longbow: Jenny Cuthbertson, Catherine Hall (Niamh Chalmers non-travelling reserve)

Gents Recurve: Morgan Donaldson, Keith Roberson, Gary Donaldson

Ladies Recurve: Kate Dunnighan, Abigail Thornton, Angela Smurthwaite

I am sure that all DNAA Members wish you all good luck on the day.


County Selection Committee