DNAA County Team – NCAS InterCounty Event 2019

The DNAA Committee and the Selection Team would like to congratulate those chosen to represent the County at the forthcoming NCAS Inter County Event to be held in Cheshire on 5 and 6 October.

The Junior team will consist of:-

Junior Gents Compound; Dillon Crow, Elliott McGovern

Junior Ladies Compound; Mya Chalmers

Junior Gent Longbow; No submissions received

Junior Lady Longbow; Jennifer Cuthbertson

Junior Gent Recurve; Ethan Bradshaw, Alexander Smirnis, Liam Ford

Junior Lady Recurve; Caira Ho, Naomi Salmons, Annabel Garner


The Senior team is as follows:

Gents Compound; Kev Duncanson, Steve James, Alan Blogg

Ladies Compound; Becc Keith, Pam Duncanson, Sarah Chalmers (co-opted)

Lady Recurve; Kate Dunnighan, Karen Relton, Claire McGovern

Gent Recurve; Paul Nicholson, Richard Ingram, James Drew

Lady Longbow; Lynn Young, Jennifer Cuthbertson, Niamh Chalmers – Non Travelling Reserve

Gent Longbow; Mike Nilson, Matthew Foreman, John Hunton – Non Travelling Reserve


The barebows who have submitted scores are Glen Studholme and Vicki Waller.

We wish you well


Click here    for Junior Team Submissions, and click here   for Senior Team Submissions.