Fred the Service Dog

Sad news from Ken Hargreaves – Fred the Service Dog was very well known in the County.

It’s with the saddest of hearts that I find myself writing this with tears in my eyes, as my very best friend, Fred the dog, has passed away in my arms….. he was the very best of me, always there for me at every turn of life.
We traveled the world together, always by my side at every turn. Always willing to work, no matter the time, location or situation. Fred the assistance Dog not only touch my heart, but that of many that had the very good fortune to meet him.
Fred has taken a part of my heart but also left part of his behind with Raleigh the assistance dog, who looked out for him as a brother towards the end.
Fred the dog (Friendly, Reliable, Exuberant, Dog.) the very best of the best. Thank you for your loyal assistance and daily service and love.