Junior Fun Day 22 July

Junior Fun Day hosted by Cleadon Archers on Saturday 22 July

Similar to the one we ran last year, this is technically non-competitive, it’s an event to get the juniors together to shoot at a series of fun targets, though there will be an element scoring to find winners and runners up.
We have some fun targets; however, we would like to invite your juniors to come up with some new ones. These can be either painted to the reverse of a standard target face (hopefully obtainable from your club, but if not let me know and I’ll get you one) or like a couple of last year’s targets something novel like a decorated cabbage suspended from the target frame. We won’t need too many targets, so I’d suggest trying to get together with others from your club to pool ideas and come up with one club entry. We will have a vote on the day which targets to use if there too many and we will have prizes for the best ones. To keep scoring simple, restrict the numbers of colours to a minimum, 5 would be ideal but no more than 10. Think about the sizes and numbers of scoring zones and how they’ll be scored. Unless it’s obvious have the scores visibly written in the scoring zones. I’m suggesting themes based on but not limited to Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Spiderman. If you could give me an indication if you plan to bring a target then if necessary I can work out if I need to bring any.
Open to any junior registered in the county, if you are aware of new juniors in your club please pass this on.
Places will be limited, to enter send an email to DNAACoaching@gmail.com and I’ll add their names to the list. Entry is FREE.
Kindest regards
County Coach Officer