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The Durham and Northumberland Archery Association is a member county of the Grand National Archery Society (Archery GB). It is also one of the five counties of the Northern Counties Archery Society. This web site was developed some years ago, around 2000 and serves the archers of Durham and Northumberland by acting as an on-line source of material about, and, referring to local issues. The site is updated whenever the administrator receives results, record updates or information. We rely on the clubs to inform us of any changes which may be relevant in the production of this site. It is not always possible to detect the requirement for the change of information but every effort is given to ensure the contents of this site are accurate.

The first six positions below are executive positions but to function the county committee is made up of additional elected posts (elected at the AGM) and other posts that are elected at no later than the first committee meeting following the AGM. The additional posts are listed below. In addition to these, each club that is affiliated to the county organisation is entitled to have two representatives, normally Club Secretary and Chairman, at each committee meeting to take part in the decision making process.


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Elected at the County AGM 13 May 2024 at Park View Community Association.

County PresidentKath HallKillingworth Archers
County ChairTracey LeverettRiverside Archers
TreasurerGeorge MacMillanArchery GB
Records OfficerAndrea WilsonKillingworth Archers
Coaching OrganiserIan NorwoodRiverside Archers
Auditors for 2024/2025Ann Conifey & Dave CrowRiverside Archers / Cleadon Archers
Judges Liaison (SPOC)Sharon TideswellArchery GB
Representatives to NCASAndrea Wilson, Lynn NicholsonKillingworth Archers / Norton Archers
Junior Organiser / Team ManagerDave CrowCleadon Archers
WebmasterElaine JobsonRiverside Archers
Senior Team ManagerLynne NicholsonNorton Archers
Safeguarding Officer - contact safeguarding@dnaa.co.ukLynne Nicholson & Yannis SmirnisNorton Archers / Killingworth Archers

NCAS Regional Development OfficerYvonne SteadRegional Development (NCAS)

History of DNAA

Initially the pursuit of Archery as a leisure and sport developed again after the restrictions of the 1939-45 war. An organisation, backed by the government, named the C.C.P.R. came into existence to encourage physical recreation and sport. Many local archery clubs started up at this time. Because of the growth in archery the county association of Durham came into existence in 1949 where Cleadon archery club was one of the driving forces behind the fledgling county organisation. Durham and Northumberland were independently operated at this time although little is known about the part Northumberland played prior to the amalgamation and it is unsure if Northumberland ever formally operated as a county. In 1949 the first ever formal ‘County Shoot’ was held at Haughall College in Durham. A repeat of this shoot, at the same venue and the same ’round’ was held in 1999 for the 50th anniversary celebration of the County organisation. In it’s early years the county championships were comprised of a ‘Double York’ round.

Some clubs, which exist today, have done so throughout the 50 plus years of the existence of the county. New clubs are being ‘born’ or amalgamate with others, while others disband, but it is the vitality of the participants which allow the pursuit of Archery, in all it’s forms from longbow to ‘tournament recurve’ and modern compound, to be enjoyed at various levels within the geographic area covered by Durham and Northumberland Archery Association.

By 1952 the Durham Archery Association was in place which then converted to the Durham and Northumberland Archery Association. A Yorkshire man ‘Jack Flinton’; became the first Durham And Northumberland County President and in the intervening 50 years only 11 presidents have held this office. The President, our 12th in all, is Tony George who took office after Mrs Viv Davies, who was the 3rd lady President that the county has elected and served the county for six years.