Castle Leagues Info 23/24

Brief explanation
The idea behind the Castle Leagues is to keep archers interested in shooting during the winter months. The league is open to all archers & bow styles whether experienced or a novice and is a great way to see how you are progressing in the sport.
Everything you could possibly want to know about the league should be here……

The Rules! – Basic Entry Details:

Who is eligible? This is a league for individuals so you, as an individual can send in your own scores, or you club could nominate one person to collect the scores for their members and send them all in together. As an individual for each archer just send the best 36 CONSECUTIVE ARROWS following details to ‘’.
Your Name, Club, Bow Style, Gender (Lady, Gent, Boy, Girl) 36 CONSECUTIVE ARROWS Score E.g., Martin Fitzsimons, Norton Archers, longbow, gent, 170
You may enter the league multiple times if you shoot different bow styles, make sure your additional scores show the other bow style.
Martin Fitzsimons, Norton Archers, barebow, gent 175 best 36 CONSECUTIVE ARROWS
shoot until the end of the calendar month but get the scores in by the second week of the next
month e.g., October scores in by 14th November.
Scores sent after this date will NOT be entered e.g., October score sent after 15th November. What Bow styles are valid?
Compound, Longbow, ‘Olympic’ Recurve (sight) and Barebow. As it would be difficult to separate traditional longbow, American flatbow and all the derivatives, they are to be classified as the ‘longbow’ class.

What constitutes a valid distance? The league is designed around the ‘Portsmouth’ distance and target size (20 yards at a 60cm face) but for those clubs whose venue may not allow 20 yards to be shot, we allow scores where the distance is 40 feet, but the target face size must then be 40cm.

What constitutes a valid score? ANY session here you shoot more than three dozen arrows consecutively in the month, then send in your while recording scores is valid for the league. The following are EXAMPLES or How to get your 36 consecutive arrows
EXAMPLE 1 – If you shoot only three dozen arrows at the session 36 CONSECUTIVE ARROWS
EXAMPLE 2 – if you shoot THREE AND A HALF DOZEN. That’s 42 arrows to pick your the best 36 CONSECUTIVE ARROWS
EXAMPLE 3 – Arrows 1 to 36, OR arrows 7 to 42, OR arrows 13 to 48. Which every arrow you start counting at send the best 36 CONSECUTIVE ARROWS
Valid days cover club target days but also any competitions that you may enter. Shooting a ‘double’ round on the same day does count as one session provided that a break between rounds is limited to a food break.

What divisions exist?

The following Divisions are available for the League this year:

How does the structure work? Imagine that you have been included in the division ‘Alnwick’. Bow Type is irrelevant as the division looks only at your skill level. All bow styles and gender are sorted independently for the published tables.
Looking at ‘Alnwick’. The ‘normal’ range for scores in this division will be between 186 and 205 for three dozen CONSECUTIVE arrows scored while attempting the league challenge.
If you score more than 205 you move up to Warkworth if you score less than 186 you move down to Berwick.
You can enter ONE score each month for each bow type you shoot. So, longbow and barebow score but only one score per bow type, make sure the score you send in is your best for that month.
Go to scroll down for “Jim’s Portsmouth/Castles League Progress Tracker” an excel spreadsheet this will help you calculate your best score.
What months does it cover? The league starts from the time we all go indoors, and scores are valid from 1st October to the 1st of April. So that’s October, November, December, January, February, and March **** For clubs that do not have a venue to shoot and know in ADVANCE you can shoot twice the month before and keep one score back eg if the school hall is being used shoot January score in December email in on 14 February *****

By entering the Castle League, your data will be put in a database used solely for the castle leagues at the end of each season the database is stripped of data, but the PDF Certificates are kept for a year.
Realise that many clubs are still shooting indoors in April but Ideally, I need the final few weeks of the indoor season for administrative purposes.
At the end of the indoor season certificate will be produced include details of promotion, and/or the notification of a ‘top’ section score from the archer over the months of the league.
The certificates and the whole league participation is free to county archers.

Martin Fitzsimons, League Organiser




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