County Barcodes

The barcodes that were shared at January’s meeting have been updated with the feedback that was received.

The file now includes a link if the title bar is clicked at the bottom of the document.
It is intended that the Team Selection document would be displayed at any clubs own venue where archers can follow these links in order to be considered for inclusion in the County Team.
The barcode for Expense Claims could also be displayed at the club’s venue. Those persons who are entitled to make claims would be sent a one time access code in order to submit their request.
The Judge Request and Danage Booking barcodes should be made available to the clubs Tournament Organiser.
The Tournament Account Form should also be made available to the clubs Tournament Organiser if the club is hosting an event on behalf of the County. Please do not use this resource if the event is not held on behalf of the County.
All of these shortcut codes are now live and should only be used for “real” events and not test events.
Any clubs who already have events in the calendar and require Judges or Danage Hire should use these from now in order to secure the resources required for their event.
George McMillan
County Memberships Secretary