Postal League- Entry Information 2017-18

Dear Club Secretary/Tournament Organiser

As usual at this time of year, I am requesting the names of those clubs wishing to take part in the recurve postal league.

Full competition rules along with fixture lists and a template score sheet will be emailed to competing clubs but please let me know if you prefer hard copies. In the meantime here is a reminder of the main aspects of the criteria:-

  • Recurve archers only
  • Must be DNAA affiliated
  • Portsmouth Round ( 20 yds. on a 60cm face)
  • A team consists of top 5 scores ( in the case of a second team the next top 5 )
  • Archers must shoot on the same day and at the same venue
  • Clubs can combine to form a joint team in circumstances where they have insufficient members to sustain an effective team or lack indoor facilities.

Matches are usually one per month commencing in November and as everyone now seems to use e mail, costs should be a minimum so I will inform clubs of any outstanding monies at the end of the season.

Each year I make the same plea to please consider if your club can fulfil the commitment of shooting monthly matches as there were a few clubs last year who after the initial round didn’t submit further scores. This meant that (a) the remaining clubs in that division had little competition and (b) fewer divisions could have been drawn up initially. Can you also make sure that the person nominated as competition organiser (it doesn’t have to be the secretary or records officer) is willing to be the contact and can get the results to me prompt as I still often have to chase up scores.

If the above is ok and you wish to enter please just email me the following details by Monday 2nd Oct 2017



Yours sincerely

Vivien S Davies

Hon League Sec