Appeal – your old, unwanted arrows can be useful!

At the moment there is a push to raise the profile of some of the less well known forms of archery, & part of this is to run workshops & have-a-gos in various locations. One of the essentials we need to do this is a good supply of Flu Flu arrows, which have to be specially manufactured/adapted. The plan over the winter months is to produce these in preparation for workshops to be run in the spring. At the moment Ann Conifey has the only large batch of these available, so we are hoping that archers will respond to our appeal for a supply of second hand arrows.
They do not need to be in sets at all, nor do the fletches need to be in good condition (as they will be stripped off) Even the odd point missing which needs to be replaced is ok. Using complete arrows saves so much time when trying to build up a substantial quantity, particularly when we have a target (in due course) of well over 100 flu flus being available.
Most archers end up with a stock of ‘left overs’, when sets have been damaged over the years, which serve little purpose & just languish in storage.
Both wooden & metal arrows are used, although with regard to metal, thicker shafts are better, as thin ‘knitting needle’ shafts are much harder to ‘spiralley’ fletch sucessfully.
So archers, if you have any arrows that would fit the bill & that you are willing to donate could you dig them out & do your best to get them to Ann Conifey or Ian Norwood over the coming weeks. Even just one or two are appreciated – they are all useful.
Obviously postage is not really an option because of cost but maybe passing them ‘down the line’ at clubs, shoots or by friends could be utilised.
Thank you